discussion 3 amp 4 population focused clinical project update

Modules 3 and 4 Discussion

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This discussion focuses on concepts covered in the Module 3 and 4 readings. Please respond to BOTH of the items below. Be sure to cite any information or data used from a source other than your textbook. You may want to type your original response on a Word document and then copy/paste onto Canvas.

1. Read the attached article, Barriers to serving the vulnerable: Thoughts of a former public official. React to the opinions expressed by the author. Do you agree and/or disagree? Why or why not?

Barriers to Serving the Vulnerable, Thoughts of Former Public Official.pdf


2. Think of the many roles of a public health nurse discussed in the Module 4 readings. Provide specific examples of how PHNs in various roles have or could serve a vulnerable population(s). Be specific- you can use real-life examples or possible scenarios.

Week 9 Population-focused Clinical Project Update


Clinical hours and Description of Work




Description of work


Project Update

Evaluation of clinical activities to-date and progress toward completion of project

Last week’s total*

This week’s hours

Semester total

*Semester total as reported on Week 8.

Synthesis/Reaction (What did you learn this week? How does this week’s experiences apply to what you’ve read in the book and/or current event? How did you feel during this week’s experiences? Did you meet a clinical or course objective and how?)

Next Week’s Plans (Anticipated meetings and activities for clinical during the next week)

Next Week’s Clinical Assignment(s): Population-focused Clinical Project Evaluation

Final evaluation with site facilitator

Population-focused Clinical Project Update (1 Clinical Hour Each)

Two clinical project updates will be completed.

Update #1 due 3/13/20

Update #2 due 3/27/20


Answer each question below regarding the progress on your clinical project. Responses can be typed on this document.

1. Restate your goal and objectives from the Population-focused Clinical Project proposal. Does

the goal and/or objectives need to be changed? If so then revise them.

2.In 1-2 sentences, summarize the proposed intervention for your project. Have you or do you

need to make any changes to it? If so then summarize the changes.

3.What specific activities have you completed to implement the proposed intervention? (You

may respond to this question in a bulleted format.)

Population-focused Clinical Project Update and Clinical Activities Reporting

Grading Rubric (25 points)

Grading Criteria

Points Possible

Points Received

Accurate report of clinical hours and activities; thoughtful and reflective synthesis/reaction; inclusion of plans for next week


Proposed goal and objectives are restated. Question regarding need for change is clearly answered. New goal and/or objectives are supplied if applicable.


Brief summary of proposed intervention is given. Question regarding need for change clearly is answered.Summary of changes is provided if applicable.


Specific activities completed for proposed intervention are listed.


Points Deducted

Deductions from the total assignment grade for grammar and spelling errors:

  • 1 point for each grammatical error (deduction for a particular word that is repeatedly misspelled will be taken only once per assignment);
  • 1 point for the use of an incomplete sentence (deduction is for EACH incomplete sentence). Exceptions for question #3- may be answered as bullet points
  • 5 points will be deducted from the total score of the assignment per day for each day the assignment is late except in the case of an excused absence or of prior approval from your clinical instructor for late submission. In the case of an excused absence, 5 points will be deducted from the total score per day for each day the assignment is submitted after 1-week from the period of absence.
  • Any clinical assignment received later than 1 week after the due date (or later than 1 week after the period of absence in the case of an excused absence) will result in a clinical unsatisfactory. For each additional week the assignment is late, an additional clinical unsatisfactory will be received.

Deductions for late submission of the assignment:

Total Score

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