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For this weeks discussion I will speak about a conflict that may occur in a intergroup with two to three solutions for the matter. For personal experience is grouping of individuals to separate into two or more different smaller clans from the whole group. Intergroup Conflict in the Workplace (1998) states “individual members of a group often play a role in the initiation of group conflict. Any given group embodies various qualities, values, or unique traits that are created, followed, and even defended. These clans can then distinguish “us” from “them.” these issues can arise when one individual does not see eye to eye with the goal situation or even other peoples input of what needs to be accomplished. After this one by one the person whom is not okay will start by looking for any individual that can be persuade to feel as they do. With this situation at hand people stop communication where there is a division. Judgement conflict and negative energy comes in making it hard for anything to be completed as a whole group.

According to Rahim, M. A. (1986) “training in conflict management should enable organizational members to de-emphasize hierarchies relationships and to use the styles of handling interpersonal conflict to deal with different situations effectively. The results will indicate where corrective actions are necessary.” One solution may be to call for a meeting and air the issues within the group and to find out where the conflict comes from and find a common agreement to fix this situation at hand. mangers are also capable with being very black and white with announcing what is accepted and what will be reprimanded or not allowed. A second fix may be to re structure the group and to force individuals who do not see eye to eye only to work with one another.

I the matter does not come to a solution the manager may have to take matters up a level or even re evaluate individuals and job positioning.


Teams are composed of people of different genders, backgrounds, habits, cultures, and other identifying facets. When these different people are assigned to work together as a team, differences can turn into conflicts. Conflict can generally be tied to either personal differences that surface when trying to work together, symbolic conflict, or work-related conflict such as competing for resources, realistic conflict (CSU-Global, 2020). Conflict needs to be recognized when it arises in a team or company and should be addressed appropriately by management to minimize negative affects to individuals, the team, and the company.

When conflict arises, team members can fall into different biases and inflame the situation further. Common biases include in racism and in-group bias (Thompson, 2014). As much as many people have worked to eliminate racism, profiling of a person because their race is different than the others of the group, racism still exists in our society and can become evident in teams. In-group bias is when the team connects to each other to the point that they believe the team ideas and perspectives are better than anything from outside the team (Thompson, 2014)

Some ways to deal with conflict include contact and superordinate goals (CSU-Global, 2020). Contact can have mixed effects and must be setup correctly in order for it to achieve positive results and not inflame the situation. Some conditions that need to be met for positive conflict include social support, acquaintance potential, and equal status (Thompson, 2014). Superordinate goals are goals that require both sides to come together to achieve (Cengage, 2020). These goals are designed to help individuals put aside their personal prejudices and see the other people as being of equal status and able to contribute to team goals which promotes positive associations with the other person instead of negative.

Reply to the two separately. 5 to 10 sentences for each.

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