discussion forum video summary big earth data

Discussion Forum: Video Summary – Big Earth Data

 Online Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzDHQ-0TcX0

FOR YOUR INITIAL POST: Select ONE of the following three questions and share your answer as an initial post. Please answer each question completely, using sentences and paragraphs to complete your thought with examples cited as links to more information and resources. After you have answered the question, include a follow-up question for others to expand on.

  • The video talks about “unpredictable” occurrences throughout the planet, such as monster waves occurring in the ocean, earthquakes, drought, etc. These are often referred to as environmental hazards. See if you can locate online other examples of organizations gathering information about other types of environmental hazards.
    • List the link to what you found.
    • Which large datasets are used by this group?
    • What problem is the data used to potentially solve?
  • Explore the Clean Sea Net website. See if you can locate something about the group that you find interesting. Do you think others might be doing similar work elsewhere in the world? What are other ways “big data” might be used to solve critical problems? See if you can find an example by conducting some online searches for “big data,” “spatial applications,” and see if you can find groups, organizations or agencies using large spatial datasets to answer specific problems.
    • List the link to what you found.
    • Which large datasets are used by this group?
    • What problem is the data used to potentially solve?
  • Visit the security/privacy information sections of one social media application you use often. What do you think about geodata and individual privacy? Which information should we allow to be publicly available? What information should remain private? Do you consider your privacy rights at all when engaging in activities on social media?
    • Are there instances where our personal data may be useful for a broader purpose? If so, does this justify its use? Explain your answer.
    • What is the default status for your personal information?
    • As we continue to participate more and more in online communities, how much information should remain private, and how much should be publicly available? And for what reason(s)?
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