discussion one to two


Please answer the discussion topic, well supported with outside research or assigned readings as appropriate, add value to the discussion, and demonstrate student’s understanding of concepts

(As a model for excellence, please consider this process,

  • Answer the question in your own words.
  • Provide a quote, paraphrase or reference from our textbook or other source. Use Class Assigned readings Must
  • Provide examples that demonstrate your answer and understanding of the concept.
  • All sources must be cited, APA Format
  • Please answer the questions seperated

Question 1. Discussion Topic

1. Describe one characteristic that a successful “systems analyst” needs to have. Provide a brief description and explain how having that characteristic helps a systems analyst perform his/her duties successfully. There are several important characteristics to describe. Please try not to duplicate information that has already been posted by another student. Rather, extend and elaborate upon any information that has already been posted.

Readings materials

Question 2.

1. Last week you read the Systems Planning course module that defined a Systems Development Life Cycle with 5 phases. Explain the role of the systems analyst during each phase of the SDLC. What types of questions should the systems analyst ask in each phase?.

Reading Materials

  • Jawahar textbook, chapter 4, Feasibility Study, pp. 60-78
  • Jawahar textbook, chapter 5, Cost/Benefit Analysis, pp. 79-94
  • Conger textbook, chapter 6, Application Feasibility Analysis and Planning (through Feasibility Activities), pp. 148-150
  • Conger textbook, chapter 6, Evaluate Alternative Solutions, pp. 170-171

Assignment: Stage 1: Preliminary Investigation Report

Question 3

The requirements specified for a system have an important role in each of the 5 phases of the SDLC. Think creatively and discuss their role in each of the 5 SDLC phases. In which phase do you think the requirements play the most important part? Why?

Reading materials

Read section “4.3: Characteristics of a good SRS,” on pages 4-8

Question 4.

Please respond to the below question:

1. Compare and contrast the three process models: structured English, Decision Table and Decision Tree.

Read and View:


  • e-textbook Systems Analysis and Design, by Dr. Jawahar.
  • As a secondary text, we will use Sue Conger’s e-textbook The New Software Engineering.
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