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RE: Discussion 1 – Week 2



The Catholic Health Services (CHS) is a not for profit health care organization in Florida. The CHS statements are as follows:

Our Mission Statement:

To provide health care and services to those in need

To minimize human suffering

To assist people to wholeness

And to nurture an awareness of their relationship with God

Our Vision Statement:

CHS will strive to improve the health, independence, and spiritual life of the elderly, the poor, and the needy in the Archdiocese, through innovative and proactive approaches to:

Managing care and providing services;

Facilitating transitions across levels of care;

Community partnerships and collaboration;

Advocacy efforts. (Catholic Health Services, 2020, para. 1-2).

The Waterbury Hospital (WH) of Connecticut is a for-profit hospital, and the mission and vision statements are as follows:


We will be an organization where patients demand to come to receive world-class healthcare in a healing and safe environment.


Our promise to our patients is:

To Always put you, the patient first.
To provide a family-friendly environment
To be compassionate and receptive to your needs

To provide a clean and quiet healing atmosphere
To provide high-quality care while always managing resources wisely. (Waterbury Hospital, 2020, para. 2-3).

The Long Beach Waterfront Warriors is a nonprofit 501(c) tax-exempt organization in the city of Long Beach, New York. Its mission and vision are as follows:

The mission of The Long Beach Waterfront Warriors (LBWW) is to honor and aid the wounded, ill, and injured veterans and their families.

The Long Beach Waterfront Warriors bring wounded, ill, and injured veterans and their families to Long Beach for a relaxing vacation and a variety of activities. We also provide assistance to veterans, hospitals, and other needy and deserving institutions. (Long Beach Waterfront Warriors, 2019, para. 1;4)

Comparisons and Planning

The CHS has similar mission statements as the for-profit WH; however, CHS mentions God, and the WH says they shall smartly use money. The

LBWW does not mention money, and as an organization, it doe not have a specific mission laid out as a

vision for the future. The WH envisions itself to becoming world-class and speaks of quality care, whereas the CHS mentions neither. The hospital

organizations of today need to envision a health care system that is based on improvements and strive to be

at the top. The mission and values of the non-health care organization, LBWW, is lacking in its composed mission and vision and requires an overhaul

of input. One should understand its mission as to what their acts do and how they want to see themselves

in the near and distant future.


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Waterbury Hospital. (2020). About Waterbury Hospital. Retrieved from https://www.waterburyhospital.org/about-us/

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