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This week’s Discussion Question:

  • Listen to the TEDTalk featuring Roselinde Torres – “What it takes to be a great leader.” (Links to an external site.) In this TEDTalk, Ms. Torres reflects on three questions for leaders to consider.
  • After watching this video, reflect on the three questions and identify an example of a time you witnessed a leader responding to one of these questions or you responded to one of these questions yourself.
  • Describe the experience and the outcome.

With that in mind:

Respond to at least two colleagues with additional insight.

(Note: I posted two of my colleague’s responses to the discussion question above, please respond to their posts. You may begin the response with Hi Renita and Hi Heather) (I need at least a half page response for each person) Please include both citations and references and provide the url link to all journal articles you use as references. Use current (meaning within the past 2 years) scholarly journal articles as references. If you do not know how to properly cite references please look it up, my grade will decrease with every reference error. Please use APA 6th edition format. Thanks)

Renita’s Post:

According to Roselinde Torres, where are you looking to anticipate change is a question that could refer to your business model or life. I’ve never witnessed a leader responding to any of these questions nor have I ever been asked any of these questions. In response to the question where are you looking to anticipate change, Roselinde Torres stated that the answer to the question is on our calendars, who we are spending time with, where we are traveling, what topics we’re discussing and what we are reading. If I were asked the question, “Where are you looking to anticipate change?” I would say that I’m looking to anticipate change in the D&A community and the client’s that I serve. The goals that my clients set out to accomplish are personal to them, so I anticipate that they will eventually accomplish them with or without my assistance. They all come from different walks of life and have experienced their own trauma, so I anticipate that they eventually overcome the problems that’s deterring or interfering with their recovery. I’m also looking to anticipate change in my own life by eventually receiving my master’s degree in Administration of Human Services and becoming a better helper as well as assume a new role.

Heather’s Post:

After watching the TedTalk video, I decided that the question I would like to expand on is, “What is the diversity measure of your network.” I chose this question because recently, my supervisor has decided to have meetings with us monthly, outside of our individual EWP meetings, just to touch base with us, see how we are handling our caseloads and just to allow us to vent in a safe space. Ms. Torres pointed out how much of a necessity it is to know who you are working with and who you are working for. These meetings that my supervisor has embarked on, will allow us to develop relationships outside of our maternal case management positions. We come from different backgrounds, are within different age groups, perform different tasks but still work for the same company. As stated by Ms. Torres, “You are all cooperating to achieve a shared goal.” What that means to me is that, we are all literally on the same team and we need to carry ourselves as such. Because we have our own caseloads and ultimately our own jobs and tasks at hand, it becomes seemingly impossible to think of yourself as being on a team when the majority of your work is individual assignments. It helps knowing that you have a support system willing to hear you out and back you up when needed because you will know you are not alone.

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