easy quick discussion post

I need this by 10 pm tonight. It’s very easy. I don’t have the book, but you don’t have to reference anything as long as you find info you need online to talk about it. There is no word count. Here are the instructions:

Select one of the following questions to answer. When posting your response in the Discussion Forum, please be sure to include the question number at the very top of your posting.

Question 1:

– In Chapter 5 (and others) Binelli uses the word ‘redlining’ and makes reference to the deep racial divide that exists between Detroit and its suburban areas. Watch the video titled “Redlining Detroit” in our weekly video page and do a little research on what redlining is. A quick google search will provide you with some information. What is redlining? What are its impacts? Does it surprise you at all that there were federal laws in place that restricted where Blacks could purchase homes? Why do you think the situation was/is more severe in Detroit than even in the Deep South?

Question 2:

– Urban apathy and the “bystander effect” are discussed on page 125 of Cities & Urban Life. Watch the last three videos provided in the Videos for Chapter 5 link (each have the term “Bystander Effect” in the title). What were your thoughts after reading about the bystander effect theory and watching the videos? Do you agree with the theory that the larger the number of people involved in a situation, the more responsibility among the group becomes diffused? Is there a way to decrease or eliminate the bystander effect and increase the likelihood that individuals will become involved or report incidents of crime or other types of emergencies?

Question 3:

– Chapter 5 of Cities & Urban Life discussed the concept of Urban Sociology. What theory and/or theorist(s) did you most agree or disagree with regarding the concept of city, and why?

Question 4:

– Chapter 6 of Cities & Urban Life focuses on spatial perspectives and the geography/development of cities. Watch the video titled “Brilliant Ideas to Fit More People in Every City” located in the Module 6 video page. What were your thoughts after watching the video? How might these innovations impact the way cities are shaped?

Question 5:

– Binelli discusses the video “Detroit: City on the Move” at length in the beginning of Chapter 6. The video is available for you to watch on Module 6 video page. What were your thoughts after watching the video?

Question 6:

The riot in Detroit was a pivotal moment for the City. As you will see in the videos, rioting was not confined to Detroit. Nor was this a U.S. thing. It was world-wide. What do you think was the primary cause of the civil unrest? Vietnam? Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King or Bobby Kennedy? Racial inequality, college student revolts, class warfare, and police riots — the list goes on and on. Were there one or two things that really stand out to you as THE cause? Why?

Question 7:

– Create your own question based on this week’s readings and/or videos. Write the question in the top of your posting and your response below the question.

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