econ2239 four page papers the golden age

four-page papers

  1. The golden Age

Discuss how the period 1950 -1960’s was one of continued growth. How was this sustained growth achieved? As well discuss the political atmosphere which is prevalent throughout Western Europe at this time by talking about some key organizations which are created to promote cooperation.

All papers must be written in 12-point font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins, with title page and bibliography (APA or Chicago format). Do not forget to put your name, date, and ID number on your papers. Note: you may be asked to submit your papers to online plagiarism detection software (e.g. SafeAssign). Direct quotations are not to exceed 15% of the paper.

Papers are to present an understanding, insights and conclusions on the economic issues that are manifested in the economic challenges, opportunities, and public policy problems and solutions that arise in the eras covered in the weekly topics. They are NOT to be simply a recitation or description of historical events.

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