economic research paper articles

I will attach the research paper proposal you prepared for me last time, you are welcome to change some ideas, topics or questions basic on this 8 peer-reviewed journal articles.

In this draft, I expect you to have at least 8 peer-reviewed journal articles. For those who have never written a literature review, it should be a summary of previous work related to your topic. The Journal of Economic Literature ( ) contains literature reviews on various economic topics.

Hereis an example you must follow:


You will eventually whittle this literature review down to simply be your introduction section on your research paper. but for now, it will be longer than an introduction. So basically, your literature review will be something between the introduction section of an article and a literature review from the Journal of Economic Literature. As always, use APA formatting for your reference section

Lastly, I found this link ( to contain useful information if you still are not sure what a literature review should look like and/or how you should approach it. The 2 videos are somewhat dated but they are short and the information contained within is very useful. I suggest watching both of those

You will be graded according to:

  • having at least 8 peer-reviewed journal article citations( Remember: Must be Peer-reviewed Journal Articles)
  • summarizing the literature in a manner that another Econ undergrad could understand (this is your audience)
  • having a reference section with references listed in APA format. and shows on one single pages.
  • Highlight the research questions you want use on your research paper,those questions must relate on the peer-reviewed article you choice.
  • The peer-reviewed journal articles must related to your research topic
  • 5 pages total.
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