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In this assignment you will apply the characteristics of an effective organization to an existing organization to determine its effectiveness. This week you have been reading about what makes an organization effective. There is no one list of characteristics as there are many concepts, metrics, and measures which can be used to characterize an effective organization. Choose an organization and research its five fundamental areas that can be found in the Knowledge Check. Write a three to four-page APA paper applying the characteristics to these fundamental areas that you believe to be most important, including measures and metrics used to quantify effectiveness, to your chosen organization. These questions are used to guide your thinking. Is the organization effective? How can an organization be effective in one area and not another? How does this impact overall effectiveness? What are your recommendations for aligning these characteristics in your chosen organization?

You will analyze various aspects of your chosen organization throughout the course. Your choice should reflect your consideration of industry, familiarity, and ability to accessibility of detailed information about the organization. You may choose an organization you, a family member, or friend currently work for or have worked for in the past. You can also research organizations to choose from. The Business Source Database in the Dayton Memorial Library is a good place to begin your search.

In addition, please review the guidelines for developing and writing APA papers and the rubric below.

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