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Informative Research Report

In this project, we have two major goals. One major goal is to find the best and most relevant research about an issue you feel driven to take action on. Through your research process, you will conduct a thorough study of the “conversation” related to your selected issue to learn more about it. Another goal for this project is to equip you with the skills necessary for successful research, a useful tool in college and life.


First, you will conduct initial research on an issue or problem that interests you. Keeping in mind the course theme of “writing and rhetoric in action,” try to choose an issue for which your research might give ideas you can use in your final project, where you will be encouraging change. You may also draw on the work you started with your team for the first module and choose an issue or problem that affects a chosen social group or movement.

Then, you will write a short report that explains and explores what you learned about your selected issue. This report will be mostly informative. For this project, you will use your research to explain the “conversation” around your issue for someone who is not familiar with the nuances of the information around this topic (between 1,000-1,200 words). You will conclude your report with a full bibliography of your sources in a correct format. For this project, you should refer to 7-10 credible sources. You may use any format you wish (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) but be consistent, both with in-text citations and your works cited page.

If you examine the word count of this project in relation to the number of required sources, you will notice just how dependent this project is on research. In other words, you will not be making much of your own argument here but rather presenting the big picture of what the research says, organized around the issues (not the sources).

Important: For the 1st Draft of Module #2, you will be expected to have at least 400-500 words completed, along with 3-4 credible sources.


Find and select useful source material

Evaluate the purpose and credibility of a source

Read source material critically

Explain the issue to unfamiliar reader through the presentation of source material

Grading Criteria

This writing project will be evaluated based on the following questions:

Does the report synthesize the research findings to provide a clear and useful explanation of the current “conversation” around this issue?

Is the report organized logically around major ideas or issues within the topic (not just representing a list of source summaries)?

Does the report demonstrate an appropriate blend of summary, paraphrase, and quotation to support the explanation of the issue?

Does the report include sources that are credible, useful, and diverse? Does the scope of the source material help the readers get a full sense of the conversation around this topic?

Does the report include full and accurate citations within the text and in the bibliography?

Does the report represent a polished document, with few to no errors and professional document design?

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