energy management assignment

The midterm assignment will go as follows.You are to use the below link to create a power point presentation which would present your energy plan for the next 5 years.The energy plan can address a country, a state or even a local municipality.Please just make sure it is clear what the energy plan is for, i.e. state, country or local municipality.

This is the link you can start with:

This is just the starting point to give you an idea about the discussion of energy. You can utilize any online articles, newspapers, scientific journals, etc. as research tools.

I would like the “presentation” to be in power point (if anyone has any problems with that please let me know).The power point should be emailed to me by the due date.Underneath this link on Blackboard with the instructions is a link for Sample Midterm Projects that have been done in the past.

The midterm project is worth 45 points toward your course grade. The Midterm Assignment will be the equivalent of the “mid-term exam”.

Grading for the presentation will be divided into the following categories with a total of 10 points available for each category:

  • Clarity and organization of the presentation
  • Research/supporting documentation/basis for position
  • Overall potential effectiveness of the plan for energy use/efficiency
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