english 102 28

1. For your main post, please write two or more paragraphs (total 500+ words) on the following:

Paragraph 1 (Your Personal Example):

  • Describe your own history with taking and viewing photographs. You can include when and why you starting taking photos as well as what your photos are generally of. Also include what kind of photographs you like to look at (besides your own) and why.

Paragraph 2:

  1. Begin with a one sentence thesis that fully answers the Essay 2 question:

Which 2 of the following ideas from Susan Sontag’s On Photography do your personal experiences viewing and taking photographs support?

  • Photographs are not mere reflections of reality. Photographs, with their widespread penetration into world cultures, reveal and determine biases in our perceptions of reality.
  • Photographs can have negative effects when the viewer assumes her or his interpretation of what the photograph means is revealing a universal truth instead of merely one possible interpretation out of many possible meanings.
  • Photographs can demoralize and even reduce a viewer’s empathy for the subject in the photo when the photograph has too much shock value or there are too many shocking photos of that same subject.

2. Support your thesis by discussing at least two quotations from Sontag’s On Photography.

3. End your main post with an interesting question for the class that stems from the ideas in your post.

these two are together

V. Forum Formatting and Other Important Tips

  • Main posts should be titled “Main Post”
to distinguish them from replies
  • Paragraph formatting: Divide your post into separate paragraphs. Skip a blank linebetween paragraphs, and do not indent paragraphs (e.g. business letters).

  • Make sure to answer all parts of Dr. Kwa’s instructions for each discussion.

  • Avoid recopying Dr. Kwa’s questions and writing in a question and answer format. 
Write in well-organized complete paragraphs.
  • Must show language respectful of other students and Dr. Kwa. Disagreement is fine; hurtful language is not. Flaming posts will be immediately deleted from the forum.
  • Should not get off topic. Please not waste class forum space by talking solely about excuses for why you haven’t been participating earlier in the class discussion. Also avoid short posts where you say that you can’t post now but will post later in the week.
  • Must be proofread and reasonably grammatically correct. I recommend that you first write your post in Microsoft Word, save it, and then cut and paste it into the forum.

a) Remember to capitalize “I,” beginnings of sentences, proper nouns etc.

b) Use proper punctuation, including periods at end of sentences.

c) Avoid all capitalized letters in words since this looks like screaming in written form.

d) Avoid run-ons and fragments.

e) Avoid abbreviations used typically when texting or writing casual emails.

f) Always spell-check.

2. Please use my outline chart rather than create one of your own. You can find my outline in the Homework file attached below. It was also attached to my Welcome email and is available in Modules.

If you are a Mac user, make sure to save your completed work as a Word or Rich Text Format file, so that Canvas will accept it. You can do so by going to “Save As” while your file is open in Pages and select “Word” or “Rich Text Format” under File type.

Please submit only this outline chart and not the whole Homework file to Assignments. This means you will need to cut and paste your completed chart to a new Word file before submitting.

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