english 1302 phase 4 of the research paper

YEAR 1905

Choose what you consider to be the third important event of the year you have. Research that event using at least five sources. The Internet can be one of the sources, but you should also consult journals, newspapers, magazines, almanacs, and other sources which are readily available in our library.

  1. Introduction
    1. General Statement: In the 20th century there were three motion pictures made of the “Mutiny on the Bounty” which focused on the characters of Fletcher Christian and Captain Bligh and their battle for sanity aboard the merchant ship Bounty.
    2. Specific statement: The actual mutiny took place on April 28, 1789, but the settling of the mutineers on Pitcairn Island happened in 1790 and led to a massive search for these rebels.
    3. Thesis Statement: Captain Bligh, once he reached safety in English after a voyage of 3,500 nautical miles in April, 1790, set out to find the mutineers to apprehend them, with varying results.
  2. First Developmental Paragraph
    1. Topic sentence: The purpose of the Bounty’s mission to collect breadfruit turned out to be a voyage of harsh punishment by Captain Bligh and finally rebellion by Fletcher Christian and many of the crew.
    2. Discussion: What were the problems aboard ship; punishments; the mutiny
    3. Transition
  3. Second Developmental Paragraph
    1. Topic sentence: Once the mutiny took place, the men rebelled and wanted to escape to a place where they could not be found.
    2. Discussion: the search for a home; who stayed behind and what happened to them
    3. Transition
  4. Third Developmental Paragraph
    1. Topic sentence: Those who were able to escape to Pitcairn Island were not found until several years later. Others were not so fortunate.
    2. Discussion: Punishments for the mutineers; the search for others
    3. Transition (Concluding statement)
  5. Conclusion
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