english essay 253

After watching Beyonce’s “Formation” music video and reading African-American Criticism on pages 359-409 of Critical Theory Today, please construct a two (2) page (you are welcome to write more, but the limited amount is two (2) full pages) argumentative essay that answers the prompt: What racial issue(s) (social, economical, psychological, etc.) does “Formation” depict, and why?

Link to “Formation” by Beyonce

GUIDELINES – Essay #1 MUST (Let’s not lose unnecessary points; please reference these guidelines below to ensure you’ve fully met the requirements BEFORE submitting):

  • Be written in 12pt., Times New Roman font, and have a proper MLA 8 heading and header
  • Be written in third person voice only (this means, do NOT use “I, me, my, us, we, you, your, our, etc.” in your essay)
  • Have a clear thesis statement at the END of your intro paragraph
  • Have a creative, centered title
  • Be at least two (2) full, double-spaced pages in length
  • Include textual evidence (quotes with page numbers/or author’s last name (Knowles) and video timestamp when using lines/imagery from the music video in parentheses) from Critical Theory Today and “Formation” ONLY (no outside sources; just use the two sources provided)
  • Follow proper paragraph form (indent each new paragraph)
  • Have a proper MLA 8 work(s) cited page (you’re only citing Critical Theory Today and “Formation” by Beyonce). *To help you create your work citation, please reference the STEP BY STEP CITATION GUIDE in order to help you cite Beyonce’s “Formation,” and African-American Criticism from Critical Theory Today.*

I will provide you with a SAMPLE PAPER that should stand as an example for what this assignment asks for. Students are *NOT copying/re-wording the sample paper in any form/amount and submitting it as their own (this is plagiarism).

I had a task on the same topic and I attached it. Please do not contradict the opinion expressed in my work.

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