entrepreneurship 50

Written Assignment 1 (75%)

Suppose you are in the final year of your graduation program, and you are told to explore the option of pursuing entrepreneurship as an alternative to conventional employment. You need to write 1500 words in your article which will be included in a journal for university students. It should focus on a personal interpretation of the entrepreneurial options available to you, and how you can apply your educational degree towards progressing in self-employment.

Your article is titled “Entrepreneurship”.

1. Introduction: The article should start by describing entrepreneurship with a clear thesis statement.

2. Body paragraph-1: As self-employment is becoming more popular, the first section should cover the benefits of self-employment.

3. Body Paragraph-2: The second section should look at the requirements to start a business. This should consider educational degree, training, personal qualities and professional skills of an entrepreneur as well as potential sources of funding to start the business.

4. Body Paragraph-3: The third section should start by describing various pathways and opportunities available to you, followed by the reasons behind your choice, the risksinvolved in this particular pathway and the steps you would take to avoid such risks.

5. Body paragraph-4: The fourth part of the article should look at the importance of a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis for planning and developing a business plan.

6. Conclusion: The article should conclude by suggesting prospective support systems, either governmental or private, that can support your endeavour based on the analysis you have done.

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