ENG 101 – Introduction to Science, Engineering and Technology

Instructor: Bahram Badiyi

Assignments 1- Total of 100 points – Due Wed Oct 1st 2014




The format to turn in your assignments with responses is:

1- Your name must to appear on the top to the right.

2- The assignment number must be on the top at left

3- Everything has to be word-processed! Handwritten responses will not be accepted as it is

no longer accepted in the actual work environment for engineering.

4- The questions must be listed first and then your responses. Responses alone will not be


5- Assignments that have several pages must be stapled. Loose paper will not be accepted

6- Font size between 10 and 12

7- Font type : Times Roman or Verdana

8- No double line spacing.

In the extremely competitive engineering world of today, given the communication and media

tools available to you, you need to take care of your own letters, fax, charts, presentation, etc.

The first step is to create a format that you are happy with and you can work with. The

formatting-as noted above- for the exercises is the first step in your successful entry in to this

field. When you get to have your own company, you will expect your employees to also work

within a system that you have set up and are easy for everyone to work with.

So please follow the instruction given to you above in presenting the work. Also remember; what

you write, show, present etc. is representative of you. In the future when you send a proposal to

a client, the client will look at your presentation and how it looks. Is it clean, simple and serious

or not and that split second formation of your impression by the client is generated by what you

have sent. It does not have to be fancy, have graphics, etc. but it needs to be professional.

Assignment 1-Part 1 35 points:

1- Write a 1000 word essay on what is “Creativity”. In this essay touch upon the following


a- What is the meaning of creativity?

b- What strengthen creativity?

c- How individuals become creative?

d- What are the habits of creative people?

e- What do creative people do to maintain their edge and remain creative in what they do?

f- How to become creative

g- What is the relationship between “creativity” and “problem solving”

You will find great number of articles on the internet. Several of them that might interest you





And many more——–(copy and paste the link noted above for short cut)



Assignment 1 – Part 2 30 points:

Read the first and second chapter of the Engineering: Road to rewarding careers.



Assignment 2 – Part 3 35 points:

Identify 7 to 10 steps that need to be taken in order for someone to solve a problem and write

an essay (1000 words) on the subject. Internet will greatly help you in your research of the

subject as the discussion that will takes place in the class. Your essay needs to address the


a- What is the definition of a “problem”?

b- Would it be beneficial to look at similar cases or problems and how they were solved?

c- Do we need to concentrate on the entire problem or need to isolate the components and

focus on the main issues?

d- Can we outline a process as to the approach to solving a problem?

Due date for this group of assignments is: Wednesday Oct 1st, 2014

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