ETM 104 What is Ergonomics

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  • This is a open book examination.You can use textbook, class presentations, internet or any other book. However, if you do so, please cite your references at the end of the answer. Use MLA or APA style for references.
  • There are total four questions. The grade assigned is mentioned at the end of the question. Make sure you answer all of the questions in detail.


  • What is Ergonomics? Describe how human-machine interaction can be improved? Which undesirable aspects of the system could be altered with ergonomic design? (5 points)
  • According to Cost- Benefit model, which conditions should be satisfied to make preventive measures cost effective? (5 points)
  • Discuss the functions of muscular and skeletal system. (5 points)
  • What is Anthropometry? Explain various types of anthropometric data used in Ergonomics. (5 points)

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