evaluation of a health promotion intervention

Develop and practice an 8-10 minute educational session based on the teaching strategy identified in step 3 in weeks 7 assignment. Present the education to the practicum participant in a videotaped session.

  1. Use the week 8 assignment rubric Click for more options for grading details
      1. Select and administer an evaluation tool that is appropriate for the educational session delivered in week 7.
        1. Examples: return demonstration, pre-test-post-test, satisfaction survey
      2. Write a 2-3 page paper in APA format outlining: Use the week 8 assignment rubric for grading requirements
        1. The evaluation method selected and rationale for the choice of method. Cite sources by APA format. If a tool was used, please include it with the paper as an attachment
        2. The results of the evaluation
        3. Self-reflection regarding effectiveness of the teaching experience
      3. Upload the paper and submit into the drop box by Sunday at 11:59 pm Mountain Time week 8
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