everything i never told you

Part 1

In the end, all the characters in Everything I Never Told You survive– except Lydia. James and Marilyn reconcile, emotionally and physically. Hannah begins to receive love and appreciation from her mother especially. Nath gets to punch out Jack, go to Harvard, and eventually (as one line of the novel reveals) becomes an astronaut. But Lydia dies. Why was she the family’s fulcrum for suffering in the years leading up to, and why did she drown in the lake that night? Why did the author choose to have this family suffer the loss of the “favored” daughter, and the daughter to become the eternal victim? This is a fiction, after all, and the author could have chosen to let the character live. What was the thematic purpose of her death? Would Lydia’s survival been unbelievable? Was her death necessary for the others to survive psychologically and spiritually?

Part 2 Read “Why ‘flight shame’ is making people swap planes for trains” (Links to an external site.)

Printable Version of the Article

The article, “Why ‘flight shame’ is making people swap planes for trains” was published on Sept. 9, 2019 on the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) website on the “BBC Future” page. The author is Jocelyn Timperley. The author has chosen to (mostly) avoid airplane travel for herself, and she offers information about the broader “green” movement to use other forms of transportation (or travel less) in order to cut down on huge fossil fuel emissions that airplane flights incur.

Read the article, then discuss it in a paragraph of 200-300 words. Your response should make use of strategies you’ve learned in the first five chapters of They Say, I Say as follows:

  • Agree, disagree, or agree-disagree at the same time with points Timperly makes in the article. (Use at least one of these responses, and apply a template given in They Say, I Say.)
  • Make sure your reader knows what specific points in the essay you are responding to.
  • Use at least one quotation correctly framed, i.e. a “quotation sandwich.”
  • Use a voice marker to distinguish between your own point and the one you derive from the article.

You will receive up to 10 points for your paragraph, depending your fulfilling the above.

Part 3. Essay One + Cover Letter based on Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

Attached are the following:

Topics for Everything I Never Told You – Choose one to write on. (This includes all of the instructions and required word count.

Cover Letter Instructions – Self Analysis of Your Writing Process – Include a cover letter with each original essay.

Read the above documents carefully, so you will know what is expected for your essay on Everything I Never Told You and the accompanying cover letter.

Your Cover Letter must accompany the essay, or else you will lose 15 points!

(Upload the essay and cover letter as two documents.)

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