Assessment 1

Within the last century there have been major advances in the field of nursing.

These advances have meant that nurses, in particular, need to stay current to ensure evidence based practice is utilised when caring for patients/clients.

Assessment 1 is designed to introduce you to searching for current evidence using different resources and then evaluating the quality of the resources.


Maud has a query regarding what the doctor told her. She has been told she has to use a spacer with her multi-dose inhaler for her asthma.

Maud wants to know why she cannot just keep using her multi-dose inhaler on its own as she has been for years.

Students need to;

1. Watch the video of Maud on the unit Moodle page

2. Complete the supplied PICO template by filling in the blank spaces in the template only. This text is NOT included in the total word count.

3. Search for 5 related research articles to compare the use of a multi-dose inhaler with and without a spacer.

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