Explain how attitudes influence behavior?


Attitudes influence behaviour:

Attitude is the feeling,emotions,beliefs of an individual that is directed towards the people,thing.objects or groups.So it is just like or dislike towards something.These attitudes influence their behaviour and this makes them to act or behave in a particular situation

Attitude is a kind of habit and everything in an organization will get better if everyone has positive attitude.Positive attitude tends to increase the performance of the individual and they are satisfied with their job,So if they are satisfied they tend to work enthusiastically and behave in a way to bond relationship with each other.Positive attitudes influences behaviour such as happiness,honesty,politeness etc towards others

Behaviour is the way we respond based on our attitude.So if the attitude is positive then we behave in a good manner.Negative attitude leads to decrease in performance and showing hatred,angry towards work or towards an individual

Influence of attitudes on behaviour is explained by cognitive dissonance ie an incompatibility that an individual might perceive between two or more attitudes or between attitudes and behaviours.

This incompatibility makes an individual to feel uncomfortable and they modify their behaviours based on the situations of disagreement

Self fulfilling prophecy is another concept to explain how attitude influences behaviour.It is the process of how we convert our beliefs,attitudes into reality.So based on the attitudes our behaviour changes accordingly to fulfill the thoughts into reality

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