Explain in your words the capture and clarifying process What is the golden rule? How does the golden rule apply to managing career success in the 21st century? What are the three D’s? Why is this step in the process important? Provide us with a summary explanation of whether or not you will adopt any of these methodologies to improve your productivity. Why or why not? What are the four C’s of success? Provide a summary explanation of each of the four C’s.

1) Golden rule basically implies the path or way used particularly to have a success in life or in a task.

Golden rule will definitely be used to have a very good success in career of 21st century. But, it completely depends on the utilization of the resources like Time, Material, Men, and Knowledge etc. Golden Rule will be a practice used by so many authorities and people in their daily life. It is a way of looking at a goal perspectives. Managing career is a bit difficult. But, by using golden rule we can construct a very good time table for our self and move on with that time table as always.

2) The three D’s include and described as Determination, Development and Devotion.

Determination is always required to start a work i.e. the first step to start any work is by determination only. Determination is showing an interest in your first step in accomplishing your goal.

Development signifies that after starting your work towards Goal, how much improvement you have gone through and what are the development areas needed to be concentrated will be calculated and taken care of.

Devotion is like a belief towards your work. If you like the work then only you will do your work whole heartedly and lower the errors of your work. Devotion is like showing completely interest in your work and making work as your soul, heart and God.

3) Yes, I will adopt all the methodologies. Because, once we have started the work with Determination, it has to be developed and with devotion it has to be elevated in terms of production for betterment of the work.

4) Four C’s include Concentration, Composure, Confidence and Commitment.

Concentration always matters when you are doing your work in terms of good productivity. Concentration is like looking after your work with care. Such that your productivity will be with nice product. Concentration is critical when the work is hectic. If you mislead at the times of critical work then the work will be diverted. So, Concentration is required.

Composure is like making your work to follow a constant path without any ups and downs. Because, if you go through ups and downs then there may be chance that you have to go through the work at peaks some times which requires you to put lot of hard work that you may not put. So, Composure is like a backbone to human. Be careful with that.

Confidence is very important so that you’ll be at peaks in your work. Confidence is very eminent that sometimes it drives you to take serious decisions and put lot of efforts in that. Confidence matters while you are proving yourself as well.

Commitment towards work is always required. Once the started work has to be completed whatever or how many hurdles you go through. Then only you will see the fruits of success in life. There are people who starts to aim something and ends up with something because of distractions on their way. Commitment makes you a complete person to achieve your goal.

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