Explain the role that the state/local public health department has in protecting special groups such as the disabled, the elderly and the young?

The disabled, the elderly or otherwise the senior citizens and the young special children, all under special groups are taken care of by the state and local public health department through various measures taken for them.They are given special considerations in all areas and offered preference. Some are

1.The cost needed to treat special grouped people are definitely not affordable by the family. Policies justify that additional finance budget will be allotted for these people who are special.

2.Health care providers for special groups should offer them quality treatment and provide them with all possible best offers.

3.Special groups should be visited by the government and health care representatives to find out the real condition of living and health should be analysed.

4.Special groups from different geographical location should be visited and counselled at regular intervals.

5.Online and emergency treatment should be immediately offered.

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