facebook delima assigment

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Part 2 is here. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

As you watch the documentary, please think about these questions:

1. What is the relationship between technology and revolution?

2. How is Facebook like (or becoming like) a “digital nation state?”

3. What is the potentially very problematic issue with the Facebook algorithm?

4. How have governments responded to the challenges posed by Facebook?

5. Do you think your online behavior will change now that you’ve watched this documentary?

6. Why does it matter that Facebook is a business?

(Links to an external site.)

Please write a 2-3 paragraph response reflecting on the Frontline documentary, “The Facebook Dilemma.”

Remember, writing a reflection means telling me what you think about the documentary, not summarizing its content. Don’t be afraid to have an opinion.

Additional Comments

Previous Module: Week 10 – Midterm Exam (Mar. 8-14)

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