film analysis essay on a short segment from a film under 5 minutes

Step 1: Choose a short segment from a film (under 5 minutes). The choice is up to you but try to make it interesting. (Avoid Tarantino movies, The Shawshank Redemption, or Disney and Marvel.)

Step 2: Use the film analysis template (on Blackboard) to analyze the segment shot-by-shot. You can print this out if you have a printer at home.

Step 3: Watch the Powerpoint on BB about writing on film. Watch it twice!

Step 4:Write a 2-3 page analysis/interpretation of the segment. This must take the form of an essay. It should have a clear argumentative thesis.*

Address mise-en-scene and cinematography.

Do not write extensively on sound. You may mention sound briefly if it’s relevant to your thesis.

Do notturn in a mere description of the plot.Analyze and interpret.

Refer to my examples “Maltese Falcon Analysis” and “American Beauty” on Blackboard.

Steph 5:Review the checklist for film essays.

Step 6:Proofread your paper and then upload your essay to Blackboard.

Due Date: April 10th, 11:59pm.

*Before you hand your paper in, read your last paragraph and ask yourself if your actual thesis is there rather than in your opening paragraph.


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