Film Review : Antwone Fisher

In this analysis, you will be examining the ways in which Antwone Fisher is a product of his experiences (the intrapersonal aspect), the ways in which this impacts on his communication with others. You will be examining both positive and negative aspects of the strategies he uses when communicating, and the ways in which his beliefs, values and experiences shade the way he views life.
You must address the following questions:

  1. What is Antwone’s attachment style? What evidence do you have in his childhood and adult life that this is his attachment style?
  2. Who were the particular others in Antwone’s life? What direct definitions did they give Antwone? How did he reflect their appraisals?
  3. Who were the uppers, downers and/or vultures in Antwone’s life?
  4. How did self-talk serve Antwone?
  5. Sketch a Johari window for Antwone as it may have looked at the beginning of the movie. What things about him were open, blind, hidden and unknown.
    Identify, define and give – thoroughly-described movie clip examples when answering the above questions.
    Remember to back up your opinions with theory from the book or lectures. While this is an opinion paper, I want your opinions to be grounded in actual research and theory.
    Be sure to provide scenes that offer evidence of your position for each point. Discuss the scenes in detail.

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