Five I’s Strategic Analysis

Please the format is APA and is 2-3 pages paper.

For Lululemon, a yoga and fitness retailer, 2013 was a turbulent year. Lululemon had a number of product issues and the CEO seemed to place the blame on customers rather than on the company. The following websites detail the events of 2013:

  • Lululemon Admits Its PR Disasters Are Hurting Sales
  • Chip Wilson, Lululemon Guru, Is Moving On
  • Lululemon Founder Chip Wilson Issues Apology Following Thigh-Rubbing Pants Comments

Using the five I’s strategic analysis stages beginning on page 52 of Business, Society, and Government Essentials, write a paper analyzing how you might use the five stages to help Lululemon deal with its strategic stakeholders to avoid future public relations issues.

Below is the Links to the supporting page regarding the assignment:




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Format is APA

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