Focus Group Discussion Guide Assignment

Focus Group Discussion Guide Assignment

I’ve attached the sample study guide in the upload materials section please follow it

Background: Included in our class materials (see the “Pages” section) is a sample discussion guide that I produced for a research company with which I sometimes work.  As youll see, the discussion guide has comments along the right-hand margin that explain the rationale for various things that were done.  The research project was one about product placement in Hollywood productions.  The product in this case was the U.S. Air Force, and the goal of the research was to determine if people noticed the service when it appeared in three movies Iron Man, Transformers, and Eagle Eye.  We showed participants clips from the three movies and then asked them to discuss what they had seen using this discussion guide.  Read through the sample discussion guide, and I think youll get the gist of what was going on.

Assignment: Choose any topic (client, product, research idea, anything) about which you are interested in.  Think about how you might explore this topic using focus group research.  Write the discussion guide that you would use for the focus group.  Assume your focus group will have 12 participants and that it will last 20 minutes.  The demographic makeup of the focus group participants is up to you and likely will depend on the nature of the topic you choose to explore. In addition to the actual discussion guide, write a short (approximately one page) background section that tells me about your topic, what you are trying to discover about that topic, and the demographic makeup of your participants.

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