Length: Do a Case Recording of 7-8 pages, typed, double spaced (references and title page additional)
Purpose:  The goal of this paper is to develop a case recording that demonstrates the ability to produce “facts” rather than series of interpretations and judgments. The case recording will be based on the showing of a video. The video will be shown in class, but you may review it again by borrowing it from the Library. 
NOTE: Write the first part of this paper as if you are the social worker. 
The paper should outline:
Part 1:
* What are the presenting (immediate) issues/concerns in the case? 
* Are there witnesses or collateral persons who may give information? Who are they and what is their role in the case? 
* What are the contributing factors to the well being of the children and the health and well being of the family? Please include available family resources or strengths.
* What is the status of the family home? (e.g. safety, healthy, suitable as a family home)
* What are some possible interventions for the mother, children, and ‘father’?
* What community resources might be helpful? Discuss why this is a suitable/ reasonable use of community resources (e.g. will you suggest referral to a resource when you doubt there is a reasonable chance of ‘success’?).
* Is a ‘safety plan’ needed and if so, what steps might be taken for a ‘safety plan’ to ensure the safety of the child. (refer to risk assessment)
Part 2:
 NOTE: Part 2 is written in your language as a student/learner, using critical analysis.
* How is the mother socially constructed by people involved in the case? 
* In interviewing children, what might you do differently?
* Professional/ personal reflections: How can you address “negative” factors/stereotypes/ blaming that might interfere with your judgment or appropriateness of practice? This relates to your beliefs, values and possible stressors.
* Literature context: How does the literature help inform you about this case? (e.g. the text: Kufeldt & McKenzie; Swift, other articles and readings.) 
NOTE: Part 2 is written in your language as a student/learner, using critical analysis. The last three items (social construction, professional/ personal reflections, literature context) are not normally in a case recording. These items are asked for to get a sense of your learning from the process of doing a case recording. They demonstrate your insights and integration of theory and practice.
This paper is written as a case recording, therefore you do not have to write an introduction, or conclusion, etc., as you would for an essay paper. Please use headings and then make your case through descriptions after each heading. (E.g. Presenting Issues. Witnesses and Collaterals. Contributing Factors to the Family. Status of the Family Home)
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