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(These instructions plus the assignment ruberic are included in the attached file: instructions.docx)

5 page case study.

3 references are to be used. One of those references are provided below: 


Heward, W. L. (2013). Exceptional children: An introduction to special education (10th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education. Retreived from


Chapter 15: “Transitioning to Adulthood” is available from the following URL:


APA format. Be sure to use in-text citing.  For the references, include the URL (web address) of all references used, as in the above example.


The Final Assignment is a 5 page paper that analyzes the following case study:

Case Study: Tracey

Tracey is a twenty-one-year-old student diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Tracey can have difficulties with transitions and requires that her routine is predictable.

Tracey is a friendly young lady, but is frequently impulsive and this can result in grabbing and sometimes even pushing another peer.

Tracey’s dream is to attend college and work in an office like her father does. She can read at about a second grade level. Tracey needs reminders to choose appropriate clothing and change her clothes on a regular basis. She is able to complete her daily living skills relatively independently and follows directions when they are paired with pictures to help her understand the steps in completing more complicated tasks. She would like to share an apartment with a school friend when she graduates.


For each of the following, include potential supports her family may provide. Identify some of the concerns or challenges that might be expressed by community members. Identify the role of educators in assisting Tracey to meet her goals.

  1. Your paper should include a description of goals in the following areas:
    • Education/Training
    • Employment
    • Independent Living
  2. Describe which of the supports she will need on a job and explain why:
    • Clustered placement
    • Individual Placement
    • Sheltered Employment
  3. Describe the Residential Alternative that you are recommending for her (from those listed below) and why:
    • Apartment Living
    • Foster Home
    • Group Home
  4. Complete the major components of a behavior assessment and intervention plan for one of Tracey’s problem behaviors:
    • Define the problem behavior.
    • Identify the function of the problem behavior.
    • Describe at least one intervention to reduce the instances of problem behavior.
    • Identify one alternative behavior that Tracey will learn to replace the need to engage in the problem behavior.
    • Describe how you will collect behavior data to determine the effectiveness of interventions.


Successful papers will be those that incorporate information from your readings with ideas of how those concepts can be applied to the case study. Each of the four sections should be about one page or more (4-6 pages total). Your Assignment should be double spaced, using 12 pt. Times New Roman font using APA format. Please use at least three sources and include citations in the body of the paper as appropriate. 


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