for this 5 paragraph essay you will attend any public problem solving meeting held in houston you may also view a recording of a public meeting held in houston you can find a number of public meetings by searching online i d suggest you visit city ha

For this 5-paragraph essay, you will attend any public problem-solving meeting held in Houston (you may also view a recording of a public meeting held in Houston). You can find a number of public meetings by searching online. I’d suggest you visit City Hall to attend a public meeting (only several blocks from UHD). You can find their meeting information at the link titled “City of Houston Public Meetings Calendar/Information” located in the Related Links folder for this module. But any public meeting you are interested in is perfectly fine. If for some reason you are notable to locate any public meeting that works with your schedule, you may also use a work (school or employment)meeting that was attended by several other people for your paper.

In your essay, you will first describe the meeting you attended (the specific list of questions you need to answer about the meeting are listed in “paragraph checklist 2 below.” Then, you will analyze the meeting in terms of its design and how well the meeting met the analytical and social criteria of a deliberative meeting. You must describe and support three analytic process criteria (fig. 7.1) and three social process criteria (fig. 7.1) using detailed examples. Finally, you will propose at least two specific changes to the meetings design (e.g., agenda setting, facilities, timing, invited experts, invited participants,etc.) that would have allowed for a more deliberative, problem-solving meeting. You must provide citations/quotes from your text book for each of the analytical and social criteria that you analyze (six total). Please use APA to cite your sources. An APA cheat sheet can be located on your syllabus.

  • First, in your introductory paragraph, you need to begin with a sentence that draws your readers in and catches their attention (and is, of course, relevant to your essay).
  • In the next 1 – 3 sentences, provide any necessary background.
  • Next, give your thesis statement. See the introductory paragraph checklist for an example of this sentence that you are welcome to use in your own essay if it is helpful.
  • In your final sentence, you should preview your main points or summarize how your essay will proceed. You may also use the example sentences in the checklist in your syllabus if you like, but keep in mind you might choose to use different criteria to analyze then the ones in the example.

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