Foundation of theology

 What is the catholic understanding of the relation between faith and reason? cf. John Paul II., Faith and Reason, 1-5. 13 (partly). 25-27.43-48. 107-108) What does this mean: God reveals himself? (cf.Second Vatican Council, On Divine Revelation, 1-5) Genesis 1-2: What is the literary form of these texts? How can the biblical creation Genesis 3/Matthew 26-28: What is the relationship between the death of Christ Isaiah 1: Why is God angry with his people Israel? What is the meaning of the The catholic faith confesses, that Jesus Christ is true man and true God. Give two story be reconciled with the theory of evolution? “fall” of the first human beings? Was it necessary that Jesus had to die? biblical expression “the anger of God” attributed to a God who is love? passages of the Gospel of Matthew that “prove” the true humanity and two passages who “prove” the divinity of Jesus Christ and justify your choice. Exodus 20,1-17/Matthew 5,1-12: Explain the difference between the 10 commandments of the Old Testament and the Beatitudes of the New Testament. 8) Matthew 26-27/John 1 9: Why was Jesus condemned to death? 9) Matthew 6,9-14/John 17: How do Christians pray? 10)Ephesians 5-6: How does the Apostle Paul describe the distinguished lifestyle of Christians?

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