George contracts to sell his house and land to Trevor. Later, George finds another buyer willing to pay a higher purchases price and refuses to deed the property to Trevor. Harry contracts to do stand-up comedy at Allan’s restaurant for one month, beginning February 1st. He then refuses to perform. Steve contracts to purchase a rare Adam Wainwright signed baseball owned by Alex, who is breaking up his signed baseball collection. At the last minute, Alex decides to keep his signed baseball collection together and refuses to deliver the signed baseball to Steve. Jeter Corporation has 3 shareholders: Derek, who owns 47% of the stock; Alex, who owns 47% of the stock; and Nolan who owns 6% of the stock. Nolan contracts to sell his 6% to Derek. Later, Nolan refuses to transfer the shares to Derek. In the cases above, is specific performance an appropriate remedy? Explain each answer! Must be at least 115 words.

In each of the case above there is a contract violation observed, specific performance is valid only when there is a clause mentioned in the contract regarding specific performance or when the plaintiff agrees to settle it, in these cases nothing is mentioned about specific performance so the other party needs to agree or else the contract deal has to be performed because if a contract is prepared it cannot be cancelled or terminated at the will of any of the party. If it needs to be terminated then both the party should have to agree or else the court will decide the consequences.

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