Getta Byte _ Project Scope

2 page paper APA format, no et al references. MUST SEE ATTACHED WORD DOCUMENTS.



Now that you’ve read what the Getta Byte team discussed (in the Getta Byte Transcript Project Scope) to formulate the project scope for the billing project, write and submit a one- to two-page paper about what was included in the scope and what may have been missed.

What do you think the team should consider to include in the scope?

Do you believe that this project could work as an Agile project? If so, what would have to be done with the project scope?

Getta Byte Software Project Scope Statement






Week 2: Homework SAMPLE

Getta Byte Software Project Scope Statement






























After reviewing the week two video provided on the discussion by the Getta Byte team. The team seemed to include all the sections for the project statements. They briefly discussed what the team plan to do with their effort to create the project scope for their billing project. They laid out the cost of the project, their resources, milestones, project deliverables, as well as what the project does not include, which is changes to the Financial System of Record is out of scope.

Although they have discussed many things for this project, they still seemed to fail to inform us who is going to be responsible for what during this project. They briefly discuss the resource requirements such as the data architect, 2 developers, billing representatives for testing and project manager. Although it doesn’t really specify what their specific part is before they pass it on the next stage of development.

The Getta Byte Software Project could work as an Agile project. The Agile project “reflects a new era in project planning that places a premium on flexibility and evolving customer requirements throughout the development process” (Pinto, J. K. ).

Meaning that the Agile project is catering towards the new projects and software development. They have to expect and prepare for the fact that they will need to make changes to ensure that this software is successful. They cannot expect it to be perfect the first time. Using the Agile project could help the team to prepare for those changes. This will be extremely helpful for the Getta Byte Software Project. They already know what they want to create but are also going to be prepared for any and all changes that would need to be made. Also, the “Agile PM recognizes the importance of these evolving customer needs and allows for an incremental, iterative planning process—one that stays connected to clients across the project life cycle.” (Pinto, J. K.)



























Pinto, J. K. Project Management: Achieving Competitive Advantage. [devry]. Retrieved from

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