gf500 unit 6 final project

There are two parts to this Final.

The PowerPoint ® Project on the Global Credit Crisis is due at the end of this Unit.

On page 26 in the textbook, pick any one of the 15 topics that are listed and begin your research. As you are building your PowerPoint Presentation note the following: fully explain the key points of the topic chosen, presentation should include at least 25 slides, there should be one Title Slide. All references should be included on 1 or 2 slides at the end of the presentation.

Topic: Role of the Treasury and the Fed in the Credit Crisis. Summarize the various ways in which the U.S. Treasury and the Fed intervened to resolve the credit crisis. Discuss the pros and cons of their interventions. Offer your own opinion about whether they should have intervened

Submit your Final Project to the Dropbox.

NOTE: This will be a Portfolio Assignment that you can upload to your Project Portfolio.

The following are some additional guidelines and clarifications for the course project.

  • The total slide count of 25 does not include title slide, table of contents slide, and references slide(s).
  • The slides should be bullet points with supporting comments in the notes pane section of the slides.
  • Be sure to answer each part of the question in detail to achieve maximum points.

Review complete Assignment details and rubric here.

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