Give a detailed example of the last time you used persuasion at work what approach did you take? was successful?why or why not? How did you incorporate ethos logos and pathos into your argument?

One of the recent example of persuasion of work was done in my team to get some projects done from my co worker. The type of persuasion which i used was ‘power’. It helps in making the person to work on the given things and delivered it on time. It was successful from the organisation point of view. But I felt he just did the work for sake of doing things and lack the real commitement from him. I applied through act of ethos which I insist on ethical way of doing things but I had apply barely no pathos and logos which could have work much better and to utilise his effort in a more fruitful way. Pathos is all about building an emotional bond and persuade a person to do work and logos is about budiling logical network and understand the person the requirement of work.

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