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Global Mindset

Chapter 1 Understand Yourself feature gives you the chance to self-assess your global mindset. Global mindset reflects how well we influence people, groups, and organizations from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. The ability to work effectively with people from many parts of the world will help you to perform well on the job and advance your career faster. After completing the self-assessment, answer the following questions:

  1. Do you think that your score accurately reflects your global mindset? Why or why not? What, if anything, is missing from the assessment?
  2. How do you think that having a higher global mindset will help you to be a better manager and leader? How can this characteristic help you succeed in your career?
  3. What might you do in the next year to increase your global mindset? Identify and discuss three specific behaviors, activities, or other things that increase your global mindset.

As you are answering these questions, try to see these issues from the perspective of how individual, group, organizational system, and technology affect the change process. Second, identify individual and group attributes that influence work behavior and organizational effectiveness. Last, look at different types of diversity and barriers to inclusion that exist in the workplace.

Please write a 750 word summary, including your actual results (scores, for example) along with your areas of strength and opportunities for growth.

Submit this assignment as a Word document, using the APA format. Title page and references are not included in the 750-word requirement.

Global Mindset

SCORING AND INTERPRETATION: Because experiences influence global mindset in a positive or negative manner, you can take steps to improve your global mindset. Based on your score, you might consider some personal development activities such as taking self-study, university, or other formal courses; attending in-company seminars or management development programs; joining a culturally diverse student organization or volunteering for an international organization; or befriending more people from other cultures.

Global Mindset Results = 43 Retrieving Data…

Your score of 36 or above indicates that you have a high global mindset. This means that you are open to meeting people from a variety of cultures, and are comfortable with global diversity. This does not mean you cannot improve further! Joining international student organizations, working with international volunteer organizations, and befriending people from a variety of cultures will further develop your global mindset.

Global Mindset Analytics

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