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At this moment, you should have an argument selected for your persuasive essay. You should also have identified 3 to 4 key points that prove your argument is correct. The next step is to search for academic sources that will inform you better of the topic. You need to understand BOTH SIDES to the argument, not just your own side.

Your homework for the coming week:

For Wednesday: Send me a thesis statement that clearly tells your argument (which side of your argument will you defend). Also include your 3 to 4 main supporting ideas – each will be developed into paragraphs in the body of your paper. (Some of you have already told me of your thesis and supporting ideas, but some need to revise and send me an update.)

For Friday: Find five academic sources that contribute to your topic. You do not have to read them yet, but identify them. Send me a list of titles your wish to use, and what Medium they are in (journal article, professional website, youtube video….)

Before you begin these assignments, please watch videos 1 and 2 below. This will help to give you a better understanding of what your paper will look like, and how to prepare a thesis statement. (Videos 3 and 4 are for future use, but you are welcome to view them now, if you wish)

Please watch and take notes on the following video clips:
1. Persuasive essay writing:
2. Writing a Thesis statement:
3. Using evidence:
4. Using MLA format:

Thank you all for following along. I look forward to reading more about your arguments.

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that what is my professor need. can you send to me the a step


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