group project 35

Information Handouts in Enhancing Patient Education

Medication Side Effects Patient Safety

Emmah Kargbo, Erika Kelly, Sara Kelly, Susan Misterek, Tenequa Howard

Nursing 130 – Spring 2020

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Clinical Problem


Clinical Problem:

PICO Question: In hospital settings, how does using informational handouts to educate patients about medication side effects improve their acquired knowledge compared to relying on the nurses’ verbal education alone?

Analysis of Evidence

Focusing on making sure that the patient understood the medication, its generic name and at least five possible side effects, helped improve the satisfaction. Pamphlets are handed to patients in language that they understand, and they are encouraged to ask questions.

The use of Teach-back toolkit allowed nurses and caregivers to better understand the medication.

Evidence-Based Protocol


The use of educational approach to teach about the medication side effects has shown increase in satisfaction of the hospitalized patients

The use of Innovative Teach-back Toolkit

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Satisfaction Scores in a Telemetry Unit; St Joseph Hospital Orange, Orange, CA”

CriticalCareNurse (Vol.35) 2. April 2015

Prochnow, J. A., Meiers, S. J., & Scheckel, M. M. (2019). Improving Patient and Caregiver

New Medication Education Using an Innovative Teach-back Toolkit. Journal of

Nursing Care Quality: April/June 2019 – (Vol.34)2. April-June 2019

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