hard and soft side of change

Please read the HBR article and review the Boston Consulting Group site for this discussion.



let talk about your views on change, a very complex topic.

We know that the ‘soft side’ of change (i.e., leadership, motivation, culture, etc.) is fundamental for the successful implementation of change initiatives. Still, about 2 out of 3 change efforts fail. The authors of this week’s HBR article believe that if the ‘hard side’ of change first, the change efforts break down before soft elements come into play. They see 3 distinct characteristics of hard factors: (a) managers can measure them directly or indirectly, (b) companies can communicate their importance to all stakeholders, and (c) businesses are capable of influencing those elements quickly.

4 hard factors showed a consistent correlation with success/failure – Duration, Integrity, Commitment, and Effort (DICE). Project scores are calculated and compared to outcomes then categorized as ‘win’, ‘worry’ or ‘woe’.


1. Based on the article, identify a current or recent change initiative and discuss it using the DICE framework regardless of whether it was utilized. How might (did) DICE have been helpful?

2. Next, take a look at the section ‘Applying the DICE Framework’. Make a case to your peers regarding one or more of the 3 ways to use DICE. Share examples of how these uses might (did) help with your change initiative example. Feel free to use another change example if you choose.

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