I have 7 Healthcare Finance questions that need to be completed by Sunday 3/19/17 at 5pm. The questions are similar to the question that I have posted below. If you are knowledgable in finance and are intrested in this assignement let me know.  


Walton Nursing Home (WNH) is evaluating a guideline lease agreement on laundry equipment that

costs $250,000 and falls into the MACRS three-year class. The home can borrow at an 8 percent rate
on a four-year loan if WHN decided to borrow and buy rather than lease. The laundry equipment has a
four-year economic life, and its estimated residual value is $50,000 at the end of Year 4. If WHN buys
the equipment, it would purchase a maintenance contract which costs $5,000 per year, payable at
the beginning of each year. The lease terms, which include maintenance, call for a $71,000 lease
payment at the beginning of each year. WNH’s tax rate is 40 percent. Should the home lease or buy?

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