HEDIS measures

1. Discuss some ways that the data can be gathered for a specific population – how do we monitor these outcomes? How is it documented in an Electronic Health Record (EHR)? How do we ensure that all providers can access the information? 2. Provide some insight into the intersection between the medical outcomes and the behavioral health measures. Is there overlap? Why is it important? 3. What can the integrated social worker’s role be in order to help ensure adherence to these measures? What role can the integrated social worker take to ensure collaboration among patient providers? 4. Lastly, and most importantly, with whichever measure you have chosen, identify an innovative way to involve all systems of care in meeting this measure. Who can be involved and what would their roles be to help ensure that our patients are achieving the best outcomes possible? Be creative! Think outside the box! How would you envision a healthcare system that meets this measure? The full paper should be 3-5 pages, double spaced. Please pay attention to writing quality, organization, grammar, spelling, and APA citation formatting. The project should show your application of social work knowledge and values, critical analysis, and thoughtful reflection.

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