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find two articles on the Internet addressing the topic of Diversity and review them.

You need to select one of your choice.

The topics of Race and Gender have two short videos. Please review the two on each subject as one. The third is the movie “A Bug’s Life” You can access it on the Internet. Besides being funny and entertaining, it is also filled with a lot of information on Diversity!!!!

On Gender

1. Gender and Sports—-https:/pbs.org/video//www.ideas.ted.com/sports-are-designed-around-men-a…

2. Why gender equality is good for everyone-men included———http://helloflo.com/5-ted-talk.-on-gender-you-must…

Please watch topic # 2

On Race

1. What is race?——https://www.pbs.org/video/tpt-co-productions-what-…

2. The Origins of Race——https://www.pbs.org/video/the-origin-of-race-in-th…


A Bug’s Life

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