Hoover Data Analysis and Visualization

For this assignment – you will demonstrate your ability to use Excel Pivot tables to analyze data and produce charts/graphs to aid you in presenting your analysis and supporting your recommendations.


Case Background:

Hoover Medical Supplies, Inc, is a large manufacturing company located in Columbus, Ohio. The company is currently seeking to gain operational efficiencies in its supply chain by reducing the number of transportation carriers that it is using from five to three and thereafter open discussions concerning volume discounts with its remaining carriers. Brian Hoover, the CEO of Hoover Medical Supplies, has hired you to analyze its data and make a clear recommendation about how to reduce transportation costs while retaining a high level of service from its best carriers. Hoover has customers in Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.


Data Available:

The HooverData.xlsx file contains all the shipping invoices submitted by its current carriers and paid by Hoover. Shipping is billed by the pound at a rate that considers fuel costs, driver costs and truck costs. The file also includes data collected by tracking the delivery schedule of the shipments – reflected in the column of Days Overdue. Late deliveries are not tolerated by Hoover’s customers and need to be minimized within its carrier pool.


Project Focus:

Carrier selection should be based on the assumptions that all environmental factors are equal and that historical cost trends will continue. Review the data from the past several years to determine your recommendation for the top three carriers that Hoover should continue to do business with. Be sure that the three carriers recommended will provide adequate coverage of all states currently serviced. (Don’t assume carriers will expand their services to states not currently served.)


1) Analyze the last 24 months of Hoover’s carrier transactions found in the data file: HooverData.xlsx.


2) Apply what you learned about the use of Excel Pivot Tables and do a thorough analysis of the data to determine which carriers provide the best service at the best price to the states that Hoover services. Consider whether you should look at totals or averages in your analysis. (We discussed this in class!) Slice and Dice (pivot) the data a number of different ways to help you in your analysis. Look at each factor – service, price and quality. Spend some time thinking about the problem and how best to analyze the data.


3) Review your analysis and determine the top three carriers that you recommend to be retained. Prepare a memo to Mr. Brian Hoover in which you detail your recommendation for the top three carriers with which Hoover should continue to do business. Organize your memo to be succinct but informative. Be sure to support your recommendation with the facts and results of your analysis because there are some biases amongst your co-workers that may distort their view of the carriers. To better make your argument, your report must support your recommendation by presenting the data using visualization techniques. Charts and graphs should be well designed

Assignment #2 –Data Analysis, Visualization and Reporting


and labeled, and include legends, titles, and values where appropriate. Assume that Mr. Hoover will not have access to your Excel document – thus your memo will need to display the charts/graphs to support your analysis and conclusion. Don’t just put the graphics at the end of the document – but rather insert and discuss each visualized data point.


Use a formal and professional writing style and tone in your report. Use a Memo template

(found in Microsoft Word). Address the memo to Mr. Hoover – use your name in the “From” section. Check your grammar and spelling. Use complete sentences and bulleted lists to succinctly but thoroughly state the results of your analysis and your recommendation. Make your recommendation easy to find – in fact, best versions will begin and end the memo with a clearly stated recommendation.


Project Deliverables:


You must demonstrate your ability to create and use pivot tables to complete this assignment. Save each of your Pivot Tables in your Excel workbook. Create Charts on the data elements that you will use to justify your recommendation in the Word document. Upload your Excel file – (with all the Pivot tables that you created to perform your analysis) to the Blackboard assignment link. You may not need to use or reference each created pivot table in your final report – its ok to leave any extra pivot tables in your Excel document.


I would like to remind you that this homework assignment must be completed and submitted individually and that no late work is accepted.


Assignment Deliverables:

· Submit your Excel workbook to the Blackboard Assignment #2 Course Link

· Also submit your Word document (memo) to the Blackboard Assignment #2 Course Link






















Assignment #2 –Data Analysis, Visualization and Reporting


Submitted by: _________________________________ Section: ________


Grading Rubric for Assignment #2:

Points Earned Category Description/Requirements
______(10) Analysis of Data Demonstrate the correct use of Pivot Tables and a thorough analysis of the data (file must be posted to Blackboard to receive credit). I define thorough as 3 or more points of analysis.
______(5) Proper analysis Proper analysis uses the right variables, and the correct statistical measurements. Don’t just include a graph or table of every column of the Excel data.
______(8) Word Document Submission of Word Document using a Memo template and a formal, professional tone with attention to writing and style submitted in printed form and also posted to Blackboard. Strategic use of bullets – or short paragraphs to make the info on the memo easy to find.
______(7) Visualization Use of easily consumed and visualized data (tables and charts) inserted into your Word Document, introduced and discussed to illustrate and support your analysis and recommendation
______(3) Clear & Concise Recommendation Clear and Concise recommendation of 3 carriers to keep. Don’t make me look for this info. Better versions will introduce and conclude with the recommendation clearly stated.
______(2) Correct


Correct Recommendation of 3 Best Carriers
______(5) Proper


Grading Rubric as cover page submitted in class with hardcopy version of Memo to Mr. Brian Hoover. Submission of electronic copy of Excel document to Blackboard Assignment Course Link.



Total Points Earned


Attention: No late work accepted. Notes:

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