How can one small fact change an entire court case?

A fact may be small or big, but when it is relevant to the court case, it may certainly change the way the case is looked upon or analyzed on. For example, a couple may be raising an adopted kid and now when they are separated, the court case pertains to the custodial right of the parents. While the trial is going on, if a small fact is later added to the case that the child so adopted was not through a legal means, then the entire basis of the Case could change. Similarly, if in a murder trial, the arrival of the accused to the spot of the murder is inaccurate by only couple of minutes, even then, the entire case could go for a toss. Possibility of some other person in the murder plot could hence be brought in. Therefore, a fact, even if small, may have the potentiality of bringing an important turn in an entire court case. The relevance of such a small fact may help the case to move beyond perception analysis. It may add more meaning to the trials. It may change the situations that form the very basis of such trials and hence cannot be ignored.

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