How can you see or know that genetics is involved in the world around us?

Week 4 Discussion Board Poster instructions

In the last posting you will summarize and present your topic in a visually appealing way. Now this is the time to present this to your audience: the current class of Bio100. Your audience will know the basics of biology learned in this class, but will be eager to learn more about the specifics of your topic.

Main factors to consider when choosing information:

· Find the most important highlights of your topic (no need to be too detailed as you already presented them the previous weeks

· Consider any suggestions or questions during the past 2 weeks

· Visual impact: you want to draw your audience’s attention

· Finding a right balance between text and graphics

Posting instructions

1. Use a powerpoint slide or a google presentation slide. You will be using ONE slide only as a digital poster. You can download one of the attached templates and edit it, or start from scratch. I recommend you start with a Layout that has Title and Content, and then just add more content by inserting Textboxes, Pictures, Tables etc.

2. Your font cannot be smaller than 9.

3. Avoid long sentences and use bullet points or lists.

4. Avoid also too flashy templates and overwhelming figures. Balance is the key.

5. Color: be creative but avoid too harsh colors for background, or too light colors for text.

What to post

By now you probably have lots of information available. So the main challenge here is to summarize. Think about a graphic elevator speech- what are the main points I want to get across to my audience?

Sections of the poster:

1. Background: you will define/summarize your topic.

2. 3-4 text boxes with the main points of your topic

3. Conclusions

4. Pictures/graphs: 2-3, with information that is not in the text and works better as picture

5. References: they should be in a textbox, however if you are running out of space with other relevant information you may choose to have a textbox that says: References/see in Notes section, and paste the references in the Notes. Posting due latest Friday Week 4, 11.59 PM PT


1. Please comment on 2 other student’s posters. The comments should include:

1. What did you like the most in the poster?

2. A question related to the content of the poster

3. A suggestion/constructive comment about the poster

2. Respond to at least one question asked to you.

Comments due latest Sunday Week 4, 11.59 PM PT

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