How is work embedded testing in manufacturing?

Answer :

Manufacturing Work: It is defined as the processing work carried out in the manufacturing set-up/line of the organization is known as the manufacturing work. This set-up/line is known as the production line.

Testing: Testing work is defined as the process of checking the manufacturing products, during the manufacturing operations or post manufacturing operations. This is done to ensure that the product meets the customer specification requirements and it lies within the specification limits of the operational processes.

Testing is embedded in manufacturing process: During the latest manufacturing standard works, it is the best option to include the testing mechanism in the manufacturing process/operation itself so that the testing is carried out during the production only of just after the production only, so that it ensure the right quality levels for the manufactured products of the production line.

If the testing is carried out after the production, then there is a possibility that the whole lot of production may not be OK and may be required to scrap, as it is out of specification. Thus this will have major financial impacts to the organization. Thus to avoid such situation, the testing work is embedded in the manufacturing, so that the required testing is carried out during the manufacturing process only so that the product quality can be ensured then and there only.

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