human resource 43

For your Final Project you will create a presentation detailing the factors that go into developing and implementing a successful HR-business strategy. The presentation might assist an HR strategist in implementing change in an organization.  
Using your compilation of annotated bibliographies, Web readings, Learning Journal, and research summaries, prepare a minimum of 12 slide PowerPoint presentation providing an overview of HR- business strategy with the following components:  
1. A title slide  
 2.An introduction slide  
 3. slides each per Parts 1 through 4 of the Assignment Checklist  
4. A conclusion slide  
 5.A reference slide  
 At least 200 words minimum written APA 6th edition formatted explanation of the bullet comments in the “Note” section of the slide, per each slide, starting from your introduction through the conclusion/summary slides 
 Remember to cite your sources (you must use at least six sources) using in-text citations. In- text citations and references must comply with APA 6th ed. guidelines.  
 Your goal is to synthesize all your learning resources and demonstrate your knowledge by addressing Parts 1 through 4 below in your presentation. Use real-life examples when possible. 
 Make sure to address your main points in the slide as bulleted items and explain your brief bulleted items with in-text citations in the “Notes” section of the PowerPoint slide.  
Please Note: Developing and implementing HR-business strategy are two different concepts. Be sure that you differentiate between the two in your presentation. 

Unit 9    [HR485: Strategic Human Resource Management] 
Part 1  
1. Provide a broad description of the value of understanding the strategic challenges and opportunities facing the business organization today.  2. Describe the opportunities of added value in HR-business strategy development and implementation.  
Part 2  
1. Describe the elements needed for developing a competitive HR-business strategy in the work organization.  2. Describe the impact of HR-business strategy in human capital problem solving issues in the work organization.  3. Demonstrate an understanding of HR maturity level and its influences in the work organization.  
Part 3  
1. Explain the importance and processes of External and Internal Audits – SWOT analysis of a company or business organization.  2. Describe an HR-business strategy that considers SWOT implementation and performance evaluation of the organization’s vision, mission, and strategic goals.  3. What are the key elements and processes implicating alignment of the organization or business human resources practices? 4. Describe the factors that influence HR-business strategy choice. 
  Part 4  
1. Describe the use of crafting the right organizational structure and work design to align with the HR strategy. 2. Describe the importance of assessing the culture of the organization to ensure the right HR- business strategy alignment.  3. Describe how strategic human resources decisions advance the business strategy in today’s competitive marketplace.

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