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You are to write an essay that is based upon the topic described below, using the material taught in lecture. The essay is to be no more than 750 words in length. You may use some equations in your work (although they’re not mandatory), but this is an assignment that requires your answers to predominantly use words, not equations. The essay will be due on Friday, November 23 by midnight, and is to be uploaded into the link through the course website, as specified in the course syllabus. If you hand in your paper late, then the grade for your paper will be decreased by ten percentage points for each day that your work is late.

For example, suppose that you hand in your work at 10:00 am on November 25 – in this case, you have handed in your paper in the second day after the deadline, so your paper’s grade will be decreased by 20 percentage points (i.e. a paper that would have received a grade of 85% would be decreased to 65% in this case). The grade on your paper will be based on the quality of your answer as well as the clarity with which you express yourself; grammar and spelling errors will be penalized. Please review to the grading rubric for specifics.

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